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Adoptable Dogs through VOCAL

Adoptable Dogs

Occasionally our clients have a dog or know of a dog that needs a new home due to circumstances beyond its owner’s control. The dogs listed below have been DDR approved and are hoping that you will find their adorable faces too irresistible to refuse! Please contact Laurie at 352-351-5949 or 561-307-2477 or send her an email.

DDR supports Vocal For Pets, an Ocala-based adoption agency. Please support them with your donations, your purchases and of course your adoptions!

Voices of Change Animal League

Special Needs Dog Pete

Special Needs:

Pete never met a dog he didn’t like! Or a human! This super friendly 10 month old Lab mix has been to the University of Florida for diagnostics, but they think surgery might help with a 50/50 chance of improvement. Pete was born spine and rear leg deformities. He is learning to adjust and gets around remarkably well. His issues may be spinal cord related.

He gets himself around well, all things considered! Playtime with other animals is so important for Pete to help him walk and build muscle. If you’ve been looking for a special canine friend who would be ever so appreciative of your love and care, Pete would like to be the perfect choice!

Pete is under the care of VOCAL (Voices of Change Animal League) and you can find out more about them here.