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Lauren Oney

Rhett Butler thinks Lauren is the cat’s meow! (or dog’s bark)

We are pleased as punch to welcome Lauren Oney as our new Ranch Hand here at the Doggie Dude Ranch! Lauren has a real way with dogs and everyone has been checking her out and giving her their paw of approval.

Lauren began rescuing dogs about five years ago and has since saved the lives of more than 20 canines. She currently has five personal dogs and she is always fostering another that needs a forever home. She lived in Orlando until moving to Ocala in 2014, the beautiful acreage that is available here to give her dog family all the room they need to enjoy life was the drawing card.

She has been a veterinary technician, worked at a dog bakery (we hope that will pay off for all of us, HINT HINT), but she says the Doggie Dude Ranch “is a dream ‘job’, although it’s hardly a job because it’s so enjoyable!”

Lauren goes on to say, “It is truly a blessing to be a part of such a wonderful operation. There is no other place like it and it’s truly doggie heaven! The serene environment has such a positive effect on the dogs.”

Well, the cowboys and cowgirls at the DDR are thrilled to have Lauren in their midst and we invite everyone to stop by and say HOWDY!